Stocks Rated Exactly Your Way, in Seconds

Still trying to beat the market with one-size-fits-all tools used by everybody?

Save 97% of the time spent on fundamental analysis. Build a scoring model that perfectly fits you and your unique way of choosing the best stocks.

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  • 5.8M scores calculated daily
  • 37k companies covered
  • 280+ financial metrics

Looking for Stock Analysis Fitting You Like a Tailored Suit?

Scoring Alpha helps you save hundreds of hours and make investment decisions without biases. Easily check how well companies match your strategy, get notified when the situation changes.

Scoring With Full Flexibility

Use rules to grade companies based on any metric that matters to you. Set weights and grading scales to match your strategy.
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Quick and Always Up To Date

Hundreds of companies scored within seconds. All scores are updated daily with the most recent data available.
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Easy to Read Multichart

All important company data at a glance. View up to 6 metrics on each chart.

Real Backtests

Backtests using a list of stocks created based on today's knowledge are useless.

That's why our backtests select stocks based on their historical scores and data, exactly how you'd see them back in the day.
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"Write down your criteria for making decisions... and backtest them."

Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates

It's not easy to beat the market.

Even most of the professional fund managers fail to do it.

It's even harder for individual investors like you.

All the tools supposed to help you win are one-size-fits-all, effectively not giving you any advantage over the rest of the crowd.

Great experience and knowledge don't matter, unless...

Unless there is an easy way to make them work for you, while avoiding biases and routine leading to mistakes.

That's why we built Scoring Alpha.

To give you a tool that perfectly fits you and your unique way of choosing stocks, leverages your expertise and allows you to easily test and adjust your strategy.

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